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The first project to appear in the Nezha Kanouni Blog had to be a special one, and this one is for sure. This beautiful penthouse in La Mairena, Marbella, is one of my favourite projects. The client approached Nezha Kanouni Interior Design because they wanted us to create a peaceful space where they could fully feel the sunshine and the ocean of Marbella.

I felt their need to make it modern yet cosy like a home. Since one of the main focal points was the beautiful view, I focused on making sure you could see the view from all the rooms in the penthouse. No matter where you go, you will always see it.

One of the things they said to me was – “Nezha, I love to cook and to have friends and family around for lunch and dinners, so the kitchen and living space must create a great atmosphere” – So I decided to make the kitchen and living room into a big open space so everyone could be together in these reunions and have a sense of togetherness.

The result is a complete dream. The clients describe their home as “ a dream that has become a reality”. And I couldn’t be happier to have taken part in such a delightful project.