Top 5 Emblematic Chairs

Top 5 Emblematic Chairs


The importance of chairs is reflected in the fact that the variety of chairs is greater than for any other single household object. Unconsciously, we use chairs for much more than a place to rest our bottoms. We chose chairs to express our individuality and status and to demonstrate our good taste. For this post, We have a put together a collection of the most emblematic chairs in high demand in the last decade. All available at our NK showroom. 

< Gubi Beetle Chair

Taking inspiration from the four-legged creature – the beetle, GamFratesi has been looking closely at its characteristic elements: shape, shells, sutures, rigid outside and soft inside. The comfortable yet dynamic design makes the Beetle Chair suitable for multiple environments whether it is in the home or the workplace.

Pierre Jeanneret Teak & Cane >

When Swiss architect Pierre Jeanneret devised a teak-and-cane chair in the 1950s, his reasoning was simple: The people needed seats. The chair’s V-shaped legs, hewn from humidity- and bug-resistant Burma teak by local artisans, were sturdy. And their durability would be put to the test decades later in Chandigarh, India, the utopian city created by his cousin Le Corbusier.

Cherner Chair: The 1958 moulded plywood armchair by Norman Cherner a midcentury icon found in design collections worldwide is now available to a new generation of furniture collectors. Reissued in exacting detail from the original drawings and moulds, the armchair combines the best of both moulded plywood and solid bent wood construction.

Ames Circo Chair >

The Circo leather chair is handmade products made from powder-coated tubular steel and a weave of leather. the lounge-chairs and dining-chairs are made for indoor use and can be combined with pillows from our cooperation partner Nya Nordiska.

Carl Hansen Wishbone Chair: The Wishbone Chair, also known as the CH24 Chair or Y Chair is a chair designed by Hans Wegner in 1949 for Carl Hansen & Son. The chair, Wegner’s best selling design is a notable example of Danish furniture design. The chair has been in continuous production since its original release.

Villa Liege

Villa Liege

Great interior design isn’t just what looks cool. It’s a calculated and balanced blend of form and function that serves a specific purpose. Although, it’s really satisfying when the end result looks cool. Villa Liege in collaboration with Coliz & Murphy was a new challenge since we were commanded to design the interiors and the exteriors, making everything come together was very exciting and we are flattered to show the results in this video

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