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Welcome to the Nezha Kanouni Flagship Showroom

We're very proud to show you around the Nezha Kanouni…
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diseñadora de interiores Marbella


Nezha Kanouni is an interior designer, decorator and creator of spaces that goes beyond the simple arrangement of a house: she fuses innovation and aesthetics. Through the interior design that she carries out with a personal and exclusive style, but always reflecting the personality of the person who is going to live in it, Nezha Kanouni imprints a stamp of international elegance that adapts to the tastes of the owners through a work of consulting and study of the space.

With great influences from Parisian interior design but without giving up ethnic touches, Nezha Kanouni carries out a decoration and design work in which the cosmopolitan and exotic airs are mixed. As a designer, Nezha Kanouni is not just a qualified and accredited academy student. She brings an original approach, different with a very own and different style “Mix & Match“.

What can Nezha Kanouni do for you as an interior designer?

First thing: listen to you.

Nezha doesn’t impose her vision, but listens, adapts and looks for ways to create a totally personalised interior design.

In addition, as a highly sought-after interior designer in Marbella, she works with a highly specialised team and represents international brands such as Imperfetto, Ames, La Chance and Hervet Manufacturer, which allows her to add the distinction of exclusivity to her decorations and interior designs.

About Nezha
diseñadora de interiores Marbella
diseñadora de interiores Marbella

What has Nezha Kanouni done in decoration and design so far?

Through a long and extensive work, Nezha Kanouni has contributed with her distinguished touch as a decorator in several and exclusive projects in Marbella that you can check in her Projects section.


Nezha Kanouni as a means of distinction

Because it’s not the same to say that “someone has decorated my house” as “I’ve hired Nezha Kanouni to do an exclusive design for me”. Nezha Kanouni is a seal of approval as an interior decorator and designer of highly personalised, modern, different spaces with the ability to surprise without tiring. It has warmth without being overwhelming, it represents the modern without losing the essence of the old and the ethnic.

Nezha Kanouni creates home, creates real spaces for real people, to be inhabited and enjoyed without ever losing the seal of exclusive design and decoration of the highest level.